Special Report: Veterans

The Long Road Ahead

Veteran trying on jackets.
Working Wardrobes helps veterans dress for success for job interviews and training.

Given the daunting challenges that Orange County veterans face every day, the goals we have to help them seem modest by comparison.

With extraordinary leaders, abundant resources, and an outstanding history of public/private partnership, Orange County can make sure our veterans come home to a strong safety net, good educational opportunities, and excellent health and wellness services.

Nothing we do can adequately repay our veterans for their service and their sacrifice. But everything we do will reflect our respect and our gratitude for their selfless contributions to our nation, our people, and our freedom.

OCCF's Veterans Initiative

Created by a group of donors committed to veterans, the Orange County Community Foundation Veteran Initiative (OCVI) helps returning service members transition successfully to civilian life.

Soldier saluting the flag.OCVI partnered with Brandman University and Cox Communications to bring the successful National Veterans Transition Services Reboot program to Orange County. In 2012, the Community Foundation and several donors contributed $200,000 to fund two Reboot workshops for 80 veterans. See story here.

In 2013, the foundation conducted the comprehensive study Our Orange County Heroes to better identify the needs of local veterans and their families. In 2015, OCCF unveiled the The State of American Veteran: The Orange County Veterans Study, a ground breaking report that found servicemen and women significantly unprepared for civilian life. OCCF plans a coordinated, county-wide response in partnership with local donors and business and community leaders. To get involved, visit www.oc-cf.org/veterans.