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Safety Net

Since 2010, one innovative nonprofit has helped nearly 600 California veterans land on their feet… without combat boots.

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Reboot is a real-life boot camp that helps veterans successfully transition from military to civilian life.

Through personalized REBOOT Workshops™, National Veterans Transition Services helps veterans from Iraq and Afghanistan master the challenging shift from military combat to civilian self-sufficiency. As they transition from regimented, communal, dangerous life in a war zone to unstructured, independent, civilian living back at home, veterans often struggle to regain equilibrium. In REBOOT workshops, veterans examine their talents, identify their goals, and define their next steps. REBOOT staff helps with career planning, resume writing, interviewing, and job search skills.

A $200,000 OCCF grant brought the San Diego-based program to Orange County in 2012, allowing 80 service members to complete the innovative workshop. Orange County veterans are grateful. After years of living by the military mantra of mission first, service members in REBOOT learn to make their own life transition top priority. Many veterans say the program’s in-depth focus on personal introspection, lifestyle adjustments, and career skills is a total game-changer.

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