Ensure Students Receive Early Childhood Education

By making high-quality early childhood education the clear choice and available to all, we can help kids get the strong start they need to succeed in school.

More Early Education Options

Kids drawing with markersIf we increase the number, affordability and quality of early education programs, we can make sure that no child is turned away. The needs of individual children and families can be met through many alternatives, from traditional center-based programs to innovative approaches that bring early childhood education into schools and neighborhoods.

Parents as Teachers

It is well documented that a child’s success in school has much to do with how active parents are in their child’s education. Access to books and reading materials at home is a key strategy to help children achieve early literacy. By collaborating with families to make learning an everyday experience, we can help children become lifelong learners.

  • Solutions in Action: The parenting programs of Padres Unidos teach parents how to be an active and positive influence in their child’s education with skilled coaches that show parents how to motivate their child to do well in school.

Learning Readiness

By providing a full range of services, including access to medical and dental assessment and care, language and literacy programs, parenting support, and related programs, we can help each child be prepared for school and beyond.

  • Solutions in Action: Programs such as Help Me Grow offer families connections to developmental opportunities. Parents learn how to support their child’s growth and development, recognize key milestones and identify special needs requiring intervention and support.