Increase Access to Quality Healthcare

We can improve local healthcare capacity and help Orange County residents understand their options.

Availability of Cost-Effective Services

A doctor and his patient.Community-based and mobile clinics, sliding-scale services and affordable prescriptions help residents gain access to healthcare they would otherwise lack. We can expand the availability of cost-effective solutions like these to address a broad range of needs, including dental, vision and mental health services.

  • Solutions in Action: Lestonnac Free Clinic provides free comprehensive medical care including preventive healthcare, chronic disease management, dental care and health education. The Healthy Smiles SmileMobile visits underserved schools to screen children for oral decay and educate thousands of students on oral health, nutrition and wellness.

Outreach and Education

Understanding complex medical systems can be challenging for even the most sophisticated patients, but for those with language or education barriers, the task can be nearly impossible. We can support programs that provide outreach and education to help uninsured and underinsured residents better utilize available healthcare resources.

  • Solutions in Action: The Council on Aging–Orange County provides unbiased, individualized counseling and group seminars to help Medicare recipients maximize benefits, understand health plan choices and resolve denial of services.

Systems of Care

Coordinated care is proven to enhance access to services, improve quality of care and lower overall medical costs. This unique approach allows team members to share information about patient care and establish a comprehensive treatment plan to address the physical, psychological and social needs of the patient.

  • Solutions in Action: Share Our Selves emphasizes care of the whole person though comprehensive services, including medical and dental care, social services, and behavioral health programs.