Prevent and Address Abuse Affecting Children and Families

We can help end the cycle of family violence with effective prevention and victim support services.

Abuse Prevention

A profile shot of a child.Educating children, teens and adults gives them the tools they need to know how to prevent abuse and how to protect themselves if they are victimized. We can support child abuse prevention programs that include parent education, mental health services, case management and home visits.

  • Solutions in Action: The Child Abuse Prevention Center works with the families of children who are at risk of child abuse or who have open cases with Child Protective Services. It provides in-home parent empowerment programs which deliver critical, life-altering parenting strategies and education to struggling families.

Emergency Shelters and Transitional Living

For victims of domestic violence, emergency shelter programs offer a lifeline of safety and support to break the cycle of violence. Effective emergency shelters and transitional living programs facilitate healing for victims of family violence and help them take first steps toward a safe future.

  • Solutions in Action: Human Options and Laura’s House provide resources for families experiencing the effects of domestic violence and in need of emergency shelter, support, education and counseling. Beyond emergency support, they provide transitional living programs, legal advocacy and job readiness training to help survivors live healthy, independent and violence-free lives.

Anti-Bullying Programs

Supporting bully-prevention programs for youth can stop the cycle of violence before it begins. Research indicates that creating a supportive school climate is the most important step in preventing harassment. A school can have policies and procedures, but these alone will not prevent bullying.

  • Solutions in Action: The OC Human Relations Commission BRIDGES program empowers members of the school community to identify, investigate and address the human relations needs on campus through training and dialogue.