Prevent Homelessness and Improve Access to Housing

By increasing resources for individuals and families facing homelessness, and improving access to affordable housing, we can ensure a safe haven for vulnerable children and families in Orange County.

Preventing Homelessness

Little girl with a teddy bearKeeping people in the housing they already have is the most cost-effective approach to preventing homelessness. Identifying and bringing supportive services to families at risk can avert a crisis before it occurs.

  • Solutions in Action: Providing direct financial assistance for necessities such as food, rent, utilities and transportation is one of the most effective strategies for keeping people in their homes. South County Outreach helps families and individuals in crisis reach self-sufficiency by providing coaching, resources and referrals to promote self-reliance.

Emergency Response

When homelessness strikes a family, the right emergency response is critical. Supportive services tailored to meet individual needs can ensure a successful transition to permanent housing.

  • Solutions in Action: Illumination Foundation and Mercy House utilize creative public/private partnerships that combine housing and social services with healthcare and mental health services to minimize the immediate impacts of homelessness and reduce vulnerability to future homelessness.

Permanent Housing

For some, the most effective solution is a “rapid re-housing” strategy, which moves the homeless into permanent housing as quickly as possible. Improved access to affordable, permanent housing lessens the burden on shelters and helps Orange County residents retain their dignity.

  • Solutions in Action: Families Forward has partnered with local apartment communities to place families in apartments where the rent is paid in gradually increasing increments, allowing them time to slowly return to market-rate rent. Other supportive services available to families in this program include counseling, food and career coaching.