The Aging of Orange County


Food Security & Hunger

Would You Let Your Mother Live Like This?

Eighty-seven years old and living alone, one Meals on Wheels client called upon the service for food — likely her sole meal of the day. The assigned Meals on Wheels coordinator met the senior at her home. The coordinator was thunderstruck by what she witnessed.

Would You Let Your Mother Live Like This?Filth, clutter and disorganization greeted her at the door.

She felt compelled to help beyond delivering the meal. The coordinator asked the homebound woman respectfully if she needed assistance cleaning her home. The woman said yes and admitted she had not been able to clean her home in years. Not only was her home an eyesore, it had become a safety and health hazard.

Age Well Senior Services, which runs the Meals on Wheels program that assisted the octogenarian, contacted a cleaning service to unclutter, clean and sanitize the home thoroughly. Now this senior can remain in her home safely.

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