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An ideal climate, 42 miles of coastline, hills, canyons, beaches-- are just some of Orange County’s natural allure. But these characteristics aren’t just great real estate selling points; they are integral to the quality of life in our region, helping businesses and others draw top talent and keep the county prosperous. Being good stewards of our natural resources doesn’t just protect Orange County now, but it also helps sustain it for the future.

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Family violence can happen to anyone. Relationship violence touches one out of every five people in California, and nationwide the figure for women is one in four, according to a 2012 study from Blue Shield of California Foundation/Tulchin Research.

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When Tom Tait was elected mayor of Anaheim in November 2010, his campaign focused on bringing "kindness and freedom" to one of California's largest cities. After 10 years on the Anaheim City Council, Tait felt he knew what the city needed when he took office.
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The heartbreak of deployment. The sacrifice of war. The joy of a long-awaited homecoming. We see the stories play out in emotional home videos and Hollywood productions.  But what if returning from combat was nothing like the script we expect to see? The truth is that when Johnny comes marching home, the real battle has often just begun.