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Posted by: Bill Habermehl on 2/27/2013 | [PRC_COMMENTCOUNT] Comments

Orange County K – 12 schools serve over 500,000 students, nearly half of whom live below the poverty line and more than 130,000 who are English language learners. These are a startling statistics when you consider the impact of socio-economic and language barriers on students’ academic success. Research shows that these factors drive an achievement gap which begins even before students walk through the door in Kindergarten. With so many students at risk of poor academic performance, a focus on early child school readiness must be taken seriously.
Posted by: Ed Kacic on 2/21/2013 | [PRC_COMMENTCOUNT] Comments

If community health is sub-optimal, we are all impacted. Whether we talk about the possibility of a major outbreak of a communicable disease (think measles, influenza or tuberculosis), or we talk about how the long-term implications of increasing chronic conditions such as diabetes will impact our workforce, the health of our fellow residents should be a concern to all of us.
Posted by: Dick Allen on 2/13/2013 | [PRC_COMMENTCOUNT] Comments

When Alexis de Tocqueville, a French political thinker and historian, toured America in the early days of our democracy, he observed that philanthropy was very different in the United States than in any other country. Our giving spirit was “uniquely American,” as we set about the journey of building our budding democracy. Fast forward almost a century and a half and I believe the same philanthropic dynamic exists today. As Americans, we are very generous people. As such, we consistently lift up our neighbors and those in need to help them as they deal with obstacles in front of them.
This month's OC METRO cover story focuses on five Orange County cause-driven companies. We're very excited about the cover, which features our president Shelley Hoss!
When launching a major initiative, it’s hard not to hold your breath until you see whether your vision will find its way to receptive hearts and minds. We are thrilled to see this happening already with ConnectOC, thanks to a warm welcome by the media who have found the information in our community report compelling and important enough to communicate with their audiences.