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An estimated 1.5 million high school students in the United States will be physically abused by a dating partner this year and one in three adolescents will experience some form of dating abuse in their lifetime.

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They’ve served bravely on the frontlines of the longest war in U.S. history. But for veterans coming home to start civilian lives, their toughest battle has often just begun. We envision them receiving a hero’s welcome, but their reality is often a labyrinth of challenges with everything from securing adequate employment and stable housing to healing from the physical and emotional wounds of war.

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Enticing your child to eat the healthy meal you’ve prepared can be one of the greatest challenges of parenthood. It could also be the deciding factor in whether your child is at risk to join the growing epidemic of childhood obesity, which affects up to 52 percent of children in Orange County, according to a joint UCLA Center for Health Policy Research and California Center for Public Health Advocacy study.