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Posted by: Shelley Hoss on 1/27/2014 | [PRC_COMMENTCOUNT] Comments

Human trafficking is not just an international problem; it is a growing issue right here in O.C.  We hear the horror stories about human trafficking in foreign countries. Children kidnapped from families in public marketplaces and smuggled into a terrifying life of abuse and slavery. Though devastating, it seems remote. Except it isn't. The same kind of thing is happening in Orange County.

Posted by: Shelley Hoss on 1/13/2014 | [PRC_COMMENTCOUNT] Comments

I learned recently that just 19 days before his assassination in 1968, Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. arrived in Orange County to speak against the war in Vietnam and in support of the Poor People's Campaign, which he planned to take to Washington, D.C., the following month. It was one of his final public appearances.