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Posted by: Shelley Hoss on 7/29/2013 | [PRC_COMMENTCOUNT] Comments

Arts education has been severely compromised to the detriment of creative thinking and the strength of our current and future workforce. It’s no secret that budget cuts have decimated arts education programs in public schools-- and in low-income schools in particular. But it turns out that arts education isn’t a luxury after all… it’s an absolute necessity for the success of our next generation.
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Mental health. Just the words can strike apprehension and worry in many people, especially parents who fear their child may be suffering from a mental or emotional condition. But this shouldn’t be the case. Why should recognizing, understanding and treating a phobia, anxiety or chemical imbalance be any different than treating a broken wrist or a cavity?
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The Orange County Community Foundation’s new Nonprofit Central database is an online “matchmaker” for philanthropy.

“This is really the first resource of its kind in Orange County,” says Todd Hanson, vice president of Donor and Community Engagement for OCCF. “It is very user-friendly, and offers a variety of search options so that donors can find nonprofits that address the issues they care about most.” 

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The serene days of summer; when months of downtime blend together and school-weary students haven’t a care in the world. This storybook scenario is not the reality, however, for many students, particularly those at risk of dropping out. Low-income youth are extremely likely to experience a “summer slide,” in which critical learning gained during the academic year is lost because of a lack of mental challenges. This leaves students a step behind their peers when the school year begins.