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Posted by: Shelley Hoss on 6/16/2014 | [PRC_COMMENTCOUNT] Comments

Many low-income families lack basic access to healthy food options. For many Orange County commuters, stopping to buy a bottle of water or a snack from a convenience store is a time-saver. Yet for too many families living in low-income communities, the neighborhood convenience or liquor store is the closest thing to a grocery store they’ll find.

Posted by: Mieka Bledsoe on 6/12/2014 | [PRC_COMMENTCOUNT] Comments

It was only supposed to be temporary. Just a few months until they got back on their feet - and in the meantime, an extra pair of hands around the house would be a blessing. At least that was what Mildred initially thought when her son, his wife and their daughter came to live with her. But six months later, Mildred found herself a prisoner in her own home. 
Posted by: Shelley Hoss on 6/2/2014 | [PRC_COMMENTCOUNT] Comments

What if we could unlock the potential of each student instead of locking a troubled youth out of learning? Could youth deemed too difficult to deal with due to repeated behavior problems be helped to reconnect with their education if given the opportunity?