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Posted by: Shelley Hoss on 11/25/2013 | [PRC_COMMENTCOUNT] Comments

It’s holiday season, when goodwill fills us with cheer even as it threatens to stretch us a little thin. Our desire to give doesn't stop with holiday gifts for family and friends. Nearly seven out of 10 Americans say giving to a charity is important this season, a 10 percent bump from a similar poll conducted last year by the American Red Cross.

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Orange County is at a critical juncture. Our founders are passing the mantle of responsibility to their heirs. At the same time, the county is home to a growing number of diverse new arrivals, community leaders ready to make a difference in their own fashion.

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Veterans Day presents the perfect opportunity to reflect on the challenges facing those who have served our country— particularly those returning to Orange County from service in Iraq and Afghanistan. Topping the list is their transition to civilian life, and finding gainful employment to provide a stable life for themselves and their families.
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The silver tsunami is upon us, and the numbers are staggering. About one in eight residents of Orange County, roughly 370,000 people, is age 65 or older. Over the next 20 years, that cohort is expected to more than double. Some local seniors will enter their 65-plus years with livable incomes. But many others will not.